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Cherrapunjee —
nature’s wettest laboratory.

Each of our four testers undertook day long experiments designed to see how Amphibiox technology would perform under a range of extreme conditions.

Rainforest trek

Descending down 2,000 steps, through rain forests and over rivers to visit a 300 year old root bridge. Then climbing back out again.

10 kmTrekked
17—27°CAir temperature
85%—91%Air humidity
232 mmWater exposure
9 HoursTest duration

4022 slippery steps in total


3 rope bridges crossed

Fishing in the rain

Walking across local wetlands and streams to witness and take part in local outdoor fishing competition.

5 kmWalk through wet grass
19—22°CAir temperature
82%—97%Air humidity
6821 mmWater exposure
14 HoursTest duration


4 hours fishing in pouring rain

3 river beds crossed

Caving and exploring the Nohkalikai waterfall

From the warm humid forest to the cold wet caves. This journey takes our tester through different extremes to find one of the world’s highest waterfalls.

1 kmForest walk in storm to Mawsmai Cave
8—23°CAir temperature
84%—98%Air humidity
5320 mmWater exposure
13 HoursTest duration

400 m cave walking


3.5 km trek to Nohkalikai waterfall

Exploring the market and local homes

Walking through a saturated town during a rare spell of sunlight to discover and photograph the local people on market day.

5 kmwalk to local village across wetlands and river beds
18—25°CAir temperature
84%—87%Air humidity
70 mmWater exposure
13 HoursTest duration

2 km walk around market


5 km walk across wetlands

The results

Amphibiox Non Amphibiox Result
Shoe Climate Shoe climate remained consistent. Moisture and Temperature levels increased with activity. Amphibiox’s optimised breathability prevented moisture build up, creating a comfortable micro climate within the shoe.
Shoe Weight No increase in weight Increased weight With Amphibiox, water was unable to accummulate between the shoe outer and the waterproof membrane.
Drying Shoes were dry the following day. Shoes were still wet the following day. Amphibiox was significantly quicker at drying.

Cherrapunjee The rainiest place on earth

Rainfall 11,777 mm per year