Cherrapunjee The Ultimate Test

We put the Amphibiox urban city shoes to the ultimate waterproof test, a visit to the rainiest place on earth.

To prove how good Amphibiox technology is, we took four volunteers to Cherrapunjee, a town in northeast India with the official record for the highest annual rainfall on earth.

After years of extensive research and testing in our labs, we wanted to see how everyday people would cope in extreme conditions that push the shoes to their limit. Facing monsoons, floods, and extremes of temperature, if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere.

Watch this film to get an overview of the project. Click the link below to take a walk in the rainiest place on earth, get a closer look at the shoes and the people living there.

The place

Cherrapunjee holds two world records - the most rainfall during a calendar month and the most rainfall in a year.

The testers

Four everyday people from four different backgrounds with one ultimate test.

The results

See how the shoes performed after 7 days of intense testing.

Cherrapunjee The rainiest place on earth

Rainfall 11,777 mm per year