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Amphibiox is the result of over three years of development and testing, building on over 20 years of innovation and research by Geox Labs.

Geox Labs is the proud pioneer of over 60 design, materials and technology patents. From carefully developing and selecting materials to tirelessly testing the shoe designs, the lab makes sure every shoe is a market leader in breathability, waterproofness, comfort and durability.

Here is a rare glimpse into just some of the research and testing that occurred before we took Amphibiox to the rainiest place on earth.

The membrane

Bubble test

Bubbles show how air from the lower chamber can cross the membrane. The lower chamber however stays perfectly dry, showing that the membrane is waterproof.


Geox walking meter

Each new design is tested to ensure its waterproofness. This robotic leg simulates walking through water, and can make 25,000 steps per day.

Sutter test

Water under a pressure of 1 bar is forced into the breathing holes in the sole to test and guarantee that the membrane does not let water through.

Static test

Shoes are left for six hours in a bath of water. Weighing them both before and after their water exposure, zero increase in weight indicates that no water has penetrated and been absorbed by the shoe.


Geox perspiring dynamic foot

Simulating a real foot under varied climatic conditions, the test measures the capacity of the shoe to allow moisture to escape from the shoe, and demonstrates a higher breathability compared to traditional waterproof shoes.

Total shoe bubble test

By forcing air through the submerged shoe the bubbles indicate that the shoe is breathable from both the upper and sole.


Amphibiox and traditional waterproof shoes are tested on real people, under a variety of conditions and activity levels. Using humidity sensors and thermo cameras it is possible to analyse the greater effectiveness at maintaining a dry and comfortable shoe.

Durability & resistance

Geox walking meter

To ensure the durability of the waterproofness, shoes are tested walking the equivalent of over 100 km through a shallow stream.

Flex test

Our mechanically flexing foot tests our soles and membrane to ensure that they remain waterproof for the life of the shoe.

Temperature test

Hot or cold the Amphibiox shoes needs to perform. Our shoes are tested to ensure that they perform in every condition. From subzero to the tropical.

Materials testing

Water resistance test

It is not only the final completed shoe that we test, but also the materials used to make them. This machine measures the water resistance of all materials used in the construction of Amphibiox shoes.

Water vapour permeability test

This machine tests how much moisture can pass through a material. We are constantly innovating in materials technology to increase the breathability performance of the waterproof membrane, leathers and fabrics used in the construction our shoes.

Stress testing

A series of machines stretch, flex and rub to simulate wear and tear on fabric, ensuring we select only the best performing materials for the construction of our shoes.

Cherrapunjee The rainiest place on earth

Rainfall 11,777 mm per year